Amigurumi Elephant Necati Free Crochet Pattern

We continue to share the latest amigurumi toy patterns. In this article I will share with you amigurumi elephant necati free crochet pattern. Amigurumi organic toy patterns. Healthy and safe for your children. Materials La Mia Baby Cotton hand knitting ropes; Lilac (L042) color rope Gray (L031) color rope La Mia Linen Cotton Green (L113) […]

Amigurumi Female Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi province, we continue to share relevant. In this article we will share amigurumi woman elephant free crochet pattern. HEAD 1) Magic ring into 6sc 2) to each loop Dc=12 3) {1sc1inc}* 6 =18 4) {2sc1inc}*6 =24 5) {3sc1 inc}*6=30 6) {4sc1 inc}*6 =36 7) {5sc1inc}*6=42 8) {6sc1inc}*6 =48 9) {7sc1 inc}*6 =54 10) {8sc1inc}*6 […]

Amigurumi Baby Elephant Free Pattern

Amigurumi crochet toys and everything you’re looking for relevant to continue to offer. In this article we will share a very nice amigurumi elephant pattern.   Baby Elephant Free English Pattern   Pattern: Irina PodolyukEnglish translation: @samyelidesign   MATERİALS:Yarn: Himalaya Dolphin Baby Hook: 4 mmEyes: 12 mmFiberfill   ABBREVİATİONS:ch:chainst: stitchmr: magic ringsc: single crochetinc: increase […]